For Those Who Love Adventure

Why St Lucia Is the Best Caribbean Island for Those Who Love Adventure

Vacationers from all over the world rush to the Caribbean every year for their dream vacation.

The Caribbean rich sun drenched shorelines and warm purplish blue waters encompassed by the dazzling breath-taking views, these alongside rich finger licking dishes and reviving rum-based mixed drinks, it is little strange to ask the question why not?

That sound like paradise!

In fact it is paradise in all sense of the word.

The view, the rum, the sun and the beach is the same in St Lucia as in just about all the other Caribbean islands, Is it?  Read along as I will tell and show you my discoveries.

With some of the world most amazing features the Caribbean is absolutely a place worth visiting for adventure lovers.

However St Lucia is different in many ways and offer a new and very unique experience like no other island can.

Lets discover together what is Caribbean island brings to the table.

From tropical hiking trails, social history exhibition halls, natural life, island hopping opportunities and then some more…

Here are my top five (5) reasons to motive and entice you into making St Lucia your next adventure:

1. The Climate

The temperature in St Lucia range from the lows of around 70°F and highs of 86°F, the island’s climate is perfect, especially if you enjoy lying on a sun lounger on the beach with the ocean breeze blowing over and around you.

The winter tourist season which generally goes from December and April is the best time to visit and enjoy the magnificent climate of this island paradise.

You are sure to encounter genuine peace and serenity while splashing up blue water on one the islands top beach or just unwinding in the perpetual blue seas.

2. The Way of Life

The Caribbean culture was formed from various diverse culture and the origins of which St Lucia is no exemption, The British, French, African, Indian and Chinese all contributed to what we love and adore about this island nation, they literally impacted every aspect of St Lucia today and likely beyond.


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Each island in the Caribbean has their own extraordinary qualities, although all offer you the opportunity for sun, fun and the ability drench away in the sunny climate – each as its own preferences whether its food, drink or definition of entertainment

Vacationers appreciate the laid back lifestyle that can be found all throughout the Caribbean.

For example many individuals jump at the chance to visit St Lucia around Christmas, to appreciate festivities with local people which keep running from November directly through to January, which is very common to other Caribbean countries.

Yes, you heard me right November to January!


3. Island Active Activities – What to do in St Lucia

When it comes to game and recreation of the St Lucia’s residents, they commonly appreciate conventional diversions of cricket and golf.

Golf is especially popular on the island third in-line to Cricket and Soccer (Football).

With a long list of world class golf resorts getting your game in is no problem man as the local would say.

For the individuals who aren’t as thrilled about golf or cricket, there are also a long list of water games, tennis and cycling trips available to visitors to enjoy.

These suggestions are only a drop in the bucket, as there is so much to see and do on this island paradise.


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4. Eco–Tourism St Lucian Style

For natural enthusiasts there is a variety of astoundingly winged creatures, vertebrates, marine life and bugs that are indigenous to the Caribbean.

You can spot stingrays and numerous types of turtles while you are swimming or snorkeling the clear blue waters of the region.

Seeing dolphins and whales bouncing up above waves on cruise or island hopping across the region is very common occurrence.

Birdwatchers can likewise take pleasure in spotting toucans, gonzalitos and wattled jacana flying high above, while capuchin monkeys, bug monkeys and numerous more can be found among the lavish tropical forest.

In case you’re fortunate, you may even catch a look at the uncommon dark iguana, a three-toed sloth or the abnormal swimming pigs.


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5. The Food and the Drink

St Lucia’s nourishment spices and drink has turned out to be prevalent around the globe, most large cities in larger countries have rums and authentic beers from St Lucia on its shelves.

While the snap chicken is not to be missed, other top choices imported from nearby Caribbean islands are also top choices, for example, lechón asado from Puerto Rico and goat stew from Aruba and the Cayman islands ought to be tried on your next vacation to St Lucia.

The fish is additionally beyond words, and comes straight from the purplish blue ocean.

We recommend you try flying fish or grouper (ideas import from the nearby island of Barbados), which are normally served up in a stew or flame broiled on a shoreline grill.

Additionally, what’s would an adventurer to the Caribbean be like without rum?
As every island has its own interpretation of the exemplary soul, if you decide to embark on a rum tasting trip, you may be gently surprise how much fun and exciting it can be.

You can discover and experience some of the distinctive formulas used to make those awesome tropical drinks.

So if you are looking for a top shelf island adventure to a place that is awesome in more ways that you can image and place that offer something for everyone then you need to check out the island of St Lucia today